ENGLISH         Checklist


Checklist for original article

Title of the manuscript:

Please check below items with √ mark before submission of the manuscript.

1. General guideline
  • □ Manuscript contained one original manuscript, checklist, statement of copyright transfer and was dispatched via email (Statement of copyright transfer should be dispatched via PDF file).
  • □ Manuscript were typed in Tex or HWP format.
  • □ Text consisted of title page, main text, appendix if any, and references.

2. Title page
  • □ Title, each author's name and affiliation were described.
  • □ In the lower area of title page, each author's position and address were described.
  • □ The email address of corresponding author was described.
  • □ Abstract contained approximately 500 Korean letter or 150 English words.
  • □ Keywords contained at least 3 key words or phrases and they were sorted in alphabetical order.
  • □ If the text was written in Korean, English title page followed References.

3. References
  • □ All the references were cited in the main text.
  • □ All the references were sorted in alphabetical order.
  • □ All the references were written in English.
  • □ All the references followed the reference style of the Instruction to Authors.

4. Tables and figures
  • □ The titles, legends and contents of tables and figures were written in English.
  • □ Figures were in EPS or WMF format.