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Instruction to authors

Instruction to Authors

General Guidelines for Manuscript

1. Aims and scope of the journal
Journal of the Korean Data & Information Science Society is the official journal of the Korean Data and Information Science Society, and the abbreviated title of the journal is JKDISS. It was founded in 1989 and accepts original research articles, short communications, reviews, case studies, and other invited papers in statistics, mathematics, and other related fields where relevant data analysis techniques are applied. Total or a part of articles in the Journal are abstracted and indexed in KCI.

2. Content and publication type of journal
Journal of the Korean Data & Information Science Society seeks to publish scholarship in a research paper which examines theory or methodologies, or scholarship in a application paper which examines statistical applications.

3. Eligibility of author
Any author to submit to Journal of the Korean Data & Information Science Society should be a member of Korean Data and Information Science Society. For every paper, a corresponding author needs be specified.

4. Qualification as authors
The first author and corresponding author should be a member of the Korean Data and Information Science Society. If they are not members, they should apply for membership on the homepage of the Society homepage (http://www.kdiss.or.kr/member.html) before submission.

5. Research and publication ethics
Duplicate publication: The papers already published to other scientific journals are not considered for publication. The published paper to this journal should not be submitted to other scientific journals.

Authorship: Authors who meet all of the following conditions can be listed: 1) substantial contributions to acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data; 2) drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; and 3) final approval of the version to be published.

Conflict-of-interest statement: If there are any conflicts of interest related to individual author’s commitments or project supports, it should be clarified and described in the manuscript.

Informed consent: The manuscript related to the human subjects or sample drawn from humans should receive the informed consent according to the rule of Institutional Review Board of the authors’ institute. If manuscripts include clinical trials, the clinical trials registration number should be obtained after the registration to the WHO accredited registration centers such as CRIS (http://cris.nih.go.kr/).

Statement of human and animal rights: Authors should keep the ethical standard of Institutional Review Board of the authors’ institute and the Helsinki Declaration in 1975 (revised in 2008). In case of animal experiment, authors should keep the institutional or national guideline for the care and the use of laboratory animals.
For the policies on the research and publication ethics not stated in these instructions, “Guidelines on good publication (http://www.publicationethics.org.uk/guidelines)” can be applied. If there are any ethical issues from the manuscripts, they should be first reviewed by Editorial Board and the recommendations should be processed by the Society.
If anyone does not agree or accept the decision by the Society in the process of ethical issues, the case may be referred to the Editor (jkdi21c@gmail.com) or appropriate Committee of the corresponding institutes.

6. Submission of manuscript
Manuscripts should be sent to the following address with copyright transfer agreement and author’s checklist via email only. Copyright transfer agreement should be signed by all co-authors. Files for accompanying letters can be downloaded from the homepage of the Journal (http://www.kdiss.or.kr).

The address for submission
Dr. Junmo Song
Department of Statistics, Kyungpook National University,
80 Daehak-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu 41566, Korea.
Tel: +82-53-950-5368 E-mail: jkdi21c@gmail.com

7. Publication interval and receipt of manuscript
The Journal is published bimonthly on January 31, March 31, May 31, July 31, September 30, and November 30. Manuscript can be received at any time. The manuscript that does not follow the Instruction to Authors may be rejected before review. Certificate of receipt of manuscript is issued to the corresponding author via email.

8. Peer review
Every manuscript received is circulated to three peer reviewers. The review process can be repeated three times if revision is requested by reviewers. If two reviewers do not agree to accept the manuscript, it may not be considered for publication. If the review process is not completed after three revisions and if two reviewers agree to accept the manuscript, it may be reviewed by a new reviewer. Usually the first review process ends within one month.

Manuscript editing: The finally accepted manuscript is reviewed by manuscript editor the members of Manuscript Committee for the consistency of the format and the completeness of references. The manuscript may be revised according to the opinion of the manuscript editor and the members of the Committee.

9. Fee for page charge
If the manuscript is accepted for publication, publication processing fee of Korean Won 100,000 (220,000 for the supported) should be paid by the corresponding author before printing. If the manuscript is over 10 pages, an additional charge of Korean Won 10,000 should be paid for each page over 10. If the manuscript is not prepared in Tex format, an additional charge may be imposed.

The bank account of payment
Bank account number: 652-01-025920
Name of Bank: Shinhan Bank
Account Owner: The Korean Data and Information Science Society

10. Copyright
The copyright and the transfer right of the digital content of the published paper and journal is owned by the Korean Data and Information Science Society.

Guidelines for writing manuscripts

Guidelines for writing manuscripts not stated in these instructions can be found on the homepage of the Journal (http://www.kdiss.or.kr/paper.html).

1. Preparing manuscripts
Manuscript should be prepared in A4 paper with Tex or HWP format. Since the Journal is published in Tex format, Tex is preferred. If manuscripts are not prepared in Tex format, an additional service charge may be imposed. Manuscripts should use the style files on the homepage of the Journal (http://www.kdiss.or.kr/paper.html). The language of the text can be not only Korean but also English.

2. List of content
The list of content is as followings: Title page, main text, Appendix, and References. If the text is written in Korean, English title page should follow References.

3. Title page
Title page in Korean or English consists of the title, each author’s name and affiliation, abstract and keywords. In the lower area of title page, each author’s position, affiliation, and address should be described and the e-mail address of the corresponding author should also be described. The first author will be regarded as the corresponding author unless the corresponding author is clearly specified. Abstract may contain approximately 500 Korean letters or 150 English words. Keywords should contain at least 3 key words or phrases and they should be sorted in alphabetical order.

4. Format of photo files
Photo files should be submitted in EPS or WMF format. Other formats such as JPEG or BMP could be used but are not recommended.

5. Tables and figures
The titles, legends and contents of tables and figures in the main text should be written in English.

6. References
All the references should be written in English and be sorted in alphabetical order. The full name of each journal should be given in the references. If some references are not published or not easily accessible, they should be submitted with the manuscript. Some examples of the references are as follows:
Eubank, R. L. and Spiegelman, C. H. (1990). Testing the goodness of fit of a linear model via nonparametric regression techniques. Journal of the American Statistical Associations, 85, 387-392.
Hasselblad, V., Stead, A. G. and Galke, W. (1980). Analysis of coarsely grouped data from the lognormal distribution. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 75, 771-778. Kim, D. (2000). Likelihood inference for lattice spatial processes, Ph. D. Thesis, University of Minnesota, Minnesota.
Lehmann, E. L. (1986). Testing statistical hypothesis, 2nd Ed., John Wiley & Sons, New York.
Shim, J. and Seok, K. (2014). A transductive least squares support vector machine with the difference convex algorithm. Journal of the Korean Data & Information Science Society, 25, 455-464.